Kevin Cooper Response to Sean Hannity and Fox News

On Sunday August 16, 2020, I called my lead attorney to speak to him about a legal matter. I was told by him that ‘Sean Hannity of FOX News’ had contacted him and FOX and him wanted to interview me.  It has to do with the former state attorney general Kamala Harris denying me DNA testing as N.Y. Times Journalist Nicholas Kristof wrote about. 
My self respect and dignity will not allow me to speak to Fox News or anyone from it, including Sean Hannity, or should I say especially him. I told my attorney to tell him ‘NO’! 
I know that FOX News does not care about Black people, or people of color. “I Kevin Cooper Will Not Be Misused By Fox News and Their People to Hurt or Bring Down a Woman or Person of Color”! 
Nor will I Kevin Cooper help Donald J. Trump win an election by ‘Putting Down A Woman of Color in Order to Lift Himself Up.’
Nor will I Kevin Cooper help him to belittle a woman of color to make himself appear big. Nor will I Kevin Cooper help him to speak badly about a woman of color in order to speak good about himself! 
The rightwing Republicans brought me within 3 hours and 42 minutes of being strapped down to the death gurney here at San Quentin prison on February 10, 2004 where I was going to be tortured and burned alive from the inside with their lethal injection poison. 
Those far rightwing Republicans in San Bernardino County, including district attorneys Dennis Kottmier, John P. Kochis, Michael A. Ramos, and others are the reason I am on death row in the first place and have been living under the threat of death for close to 40 years for murders that I Kevin Cooper did not commit! 
Rightwing Republican federal district judge Marilyn L. Huff in the Southern California district court played a major part in denying me relief and allowed the state to violate my constitutional rights by turning a blind eye to any and all evidence that we showed helped to prove my innocence. Now all of a sudden the Republicans want to speak to me like they really give a damn about me, my plight and present situation! 
My Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the Them and I Will Not Help Them in Any Way, to Hurt, Disrespect and Speak ill of Kamala Harris or Any Other Person of Color. 
– Kevin Cooper