Murder Is America’s National Sport by Kevin Cooper

Those in the know within this country do understand this truth. Neither baseball, nor football, basketball, or any other named sport is truly this country’s national sport. They know what many others are just realizing, and that is: Murder is this country’s national sport! To certain historians, this has always been the case. Especially the murders of poor people and African Americans, Native Americans, Gays and Lesbians, and all other people seen as ‘Different’! Americans murder each other with what seems to be reckless abandon, and that’s outside of the criminal justice system. From the terrorism and hatred that takes place within the borders of this country, which is oftentimes fed by, and through, the politics of this country, certain Americans seemed to be marked to death from the time of their birth! Within this country’s criminal justice system, certain American prisoners, the vast majority of them poor, are murdered by the hands of the state government in what is called the ‘Legal Murder’ of state executions! Even if they may be innocent of the crimes that they were wrongly convicted of! This is even the case in police murders of innocent Black people on the streets of America. It doesn’t seem to matter if a person who the people in power want to murder is strapped to a gurney and injected with poison, tortured and murdered; strapped to chair and gassed or electrocuted; and tortured before being murdered. Or being shot down on the streets, choked to death, pepper sprayed to death, or by any other means that the powers that be can use to murder their own citizens with! It honestly appears the United States believes in regeneration through violence, and while different people disagree with this, the bottom-line is: America has a murder problem! We have been told over and over again that times have truly changed. Yes, in many different ways times have changed! But the one place where times have not changed is in the evil mindset of certain people, even those who claim to be law abiding citizens, and/or good Christians doing their duty those law-and-order types who murder ‘Others’ in the name of the law or their god! To put this in a somewhat different perspective I will use the words of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who stated: ‘I Wouldn’t Raise My Voice Against The Violence Of The Oppressed In The Ghettos Without Having First Spoken Clearly To The Greatest Purveyor Of Violence In The World Today’. My Own Government! The violence that he was speaking of back in the 20th century is the same type of violence that is taking place here in the 21st century, and throughout the history of America: ‘MURDER’ and all that comes with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless America! While many have been lead to believe that this country is the best place in world to live, that is only true for a certain segment of this society, and nowadays they aren’t even so sure! If the powers that be within this country, meaning the rich and powerful, if they really wanted to end the ‘National Sport Of Murder In America,’ they could! But, they won’t because they don’t want to!  Why? Because of the money that is made from the sale of guns, and the real life fact that fear sells! It not only sells more and more guns of all types, it sells prisons; it sells security guards; dogs; alarms; and cameras. It sells anything and everything that will make a person or a group of people feel safe! In a capitalistic society such as what we have, the bottom line is all that really matters!