Letter to Gov Newsom responding to the San Bernardino County DA’s office

November 5, 2020

OHS Response to 8.27.20 SBCDA Ltr 4145-3418-1160 v

Kevin Cooper Response to Sean Hannity and Fox News

August 16, 2020

On Sunday August 16, 2020, I called my lead attorney to speak to him about a legal matter. I was told by him that ‘Sean Hannity of FOX News’ had contacted him and FOX and him wanted to interview me.  It has to do with the former state attorney general Kamala Harris denying me […]

Remarks by Angela Davis, June 20 San Quentin Demonstration

June 20, 2020

Davis (1)

Watch 48 Hours Episode: “The Troubling Case Against Kevin Cooper”

March 21, 2020

Letter from Death Penalty Focus

December 31, 2019

Kevin Cooper 03252020


June 20, 2019

The Appeal: Kevin Cooper’s name has been in the papers in recent weeks, as it has been on and off for 35 years. This time, it was because Kim Kardashian visited him in prison, part of her advocacy for those she believes were wrongly convicted.

NYT Opinion: When We Kill

June 14, 2019

Everything you think you know about the death penalty is wrong.

Lying With a Straight Face

September 3, 2018

This article was originally published on DEATH ROW, SAN QUENTIN, Calif.— “There are no innocent people on death row in California.” Those were the words of San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos when he appeared in TV commercials to urge voters to pass Proposition 66 on the November […]